Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite Raw
Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite Raw
Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite Raw
Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite Raw

Apophyllite with Pink Stilbite Raw

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Wealth & Abundance • Luck • Intuition • Clairvoyance • Introspection

Zodiac: Gemini and Libra

Chakra: Third Eye (Brow), Crown, Soul Star

Apophyllite is a transparent to translucent crystal, its colour ranges from clear, white, green, pink or yellow and it can often have a pearl-like sheen on its surface. It can be found in various formations, often in volcanic sites around other minerals.

It’s a soul star stone, a place where the masculine and feminine energies meet, and a crystal of divine white light that is ever ready to project you to places of astral travel and deep insight.

Its translucent quality represents the pure, transparent nature which the most generous volunteers and helpers in the world possess, allowing all energies to pass directly through them without getting stuck or blocked in the process. 

Apophyllite will help enhance your intuition. The energies of this stone (like the energies of Amethyst) will make your senses sharper and your visions clearer in a way that you cannot help but acknowledge and trust them. It will help you become more sensitive to things, events, and people in your life. Your instincts will be usually right, and you will learn to trust them more and more over time.

Apophyllite is a lucky stone to have when you want to manifest your wealth. It will manifest even sooner when you couple it with commitment, hard work, and sometimes, even sacrifice. This stone symbolizes opportunities that will be presented to you at just the right place and at just the right time. It symbolizes new ventures that you can participate in. The energies of Apophyllite will not only attract luck. It will also help you get out financial hardships and give you the persistence and determination to rise and try again.

Welcome Apophyllite into your home and let its water-like energy and radiant white light reach every darkened corner. This stone is enchanting and soothing and makes an amazing addition to any altar. Whether you are playing with tarot, sitting in meditation, practising reiki, or taking a moment to reflect and connect – by bringing the powerful stone of Apophyllite in you are turning up the volume when it comes to spiritual sass.



Length 15cm

Width 9cm

Weight 629g